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The Macao

This car was build by the factory for the Triumph importer in Hong Kong ZF Garages in 1965. It is not clear how the car was build. There are two possibilities. One is that it was entirely build from remaining spares from the competition department the other is that the basis of the car was the cancelled project 6 cylinder car for Le Mans 1966 which was under development at this time.

The car received a Jaguar D-Type style rear deck (without the fin) and had only a drivers seat. The passenger side was closed by a panel. With the low wrap around windscreen it was able of high top speeds. The first race was the Grand Prix of Macao on the 27th November 1965 hence the name. The car was successfully raced at various events in the area and was then sold to the US to the attention of Kas Kastner, Triumph competition manager for north America.The car was used in the G-modified class, still with the 70X engine. In 1967 Kastner installed a GT6 engine combined with a TR4 gearbox. The car was sold then to Texas where it was raced for several years in SCCA Nationals in class D-modified. The car was sold then within Texas in 1974 and 1981 to Georgia were it was raced by David Seibert. The car was sold then again back to Texas about 1984-85. The car had a buyer in the UK but it turned up in an auction in Switzerland where it was bought by Dieter Messmer. He owned the car in unrestored condition with the GT6 mechanics. The car was bought by Canley Classics in July 2001 and will be restored now finally.

The Macao how it looked in 1981.

The GT6 engine layout.

The car after a basic restoration and modification during the ‘80. Note the added wheelarch extensions and the bigger hump.

check here how the Macao looked when it was build in 1965.