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What has survived and where are they now

There is no simple answer. After the closedown of the competitions department all the cars were sold off. Some of them were used for racing in privat hands, some were used by Triumph importers for publicity and campaigning abroad. Privat race drivers like Peter Cox or Bill Bradley used up the remaining competition parts.

The fate of the most cars is known, some are still vanished and most likely destroyed or broken up over the time. If you see or hear about such a car you have to be careful. Most of the cars were exported so these number plates were later retrieved and reissued in the UK. So if you come along a famous number plate it might only be skin deep...

Some enthusiasts have build replicas of the works Spitfires and the most perfect of them seems to be Mark Fields replica of ADU 3B.


That's what I know so far:



Sold to France. Scrapped in the late '60. Some parts has survived.



Campaigned with works support after 1965. Destroyed in a race at the Nuerburgring 1966.



Sold to France. Car has survived and is still in France and awaiting restoration.



Sold to Switzerland and campaigned there by J.J. Thuner. The car is still in very good original condition and is part of a private collection in the USA.



History after 1965 not known for sure. A car claimed to be ADU 5B is recreated by Canley Classics in the UK, but it is a replica.



Sold to France along with ADU 7B. Destroyed in 1966.



Sold to France and campaigned on behalf of the Triumph importer. Car is in Germany and undergoing restoration.



Privately raced after 1965. The car changed hands several times in the UK. It is now in Japan using a Le Mans style fastback and bonnet.


ADU 467B

Successfully raced by the late Peter Cox in the UK in the late '60 and extensively modified with a fibreglass body. The Car was broken up, but Peter Cox kept the log book. This car is also claimed to be restored by Canley Classics in UK, but Peter Cox told me personally that only the log book was left, so another replica.


AVC 654 B

Car was exported to Sweden. The car is now in France. It looks quite different from the last works event, but it is in very good original condition and will be race ready in the near future. I hope to present some more details soon.


412 VC

Car was raced in privat hands and extensively modified with a fibreglass body. Car is in the UK and was recently restored.


The Macao

The car was exported to the US and was raced there by the Kastner team and later in privat hands. It came through an auction to Switzerland where it was for some years in unrestored condition. The car is owned currently by Canley Classics in the UK.